Your business is more than the sum of its volume and requires an efficient handling through most advanced tools. Hiconsoft has developed packages, automated services and electronic solutions to simplify the account management system of large scale businesses in the major cities of Pakistan.


We understand what is the importance of Key Account Management System for your organization and how do you actually select an electronic management system to make actionable account plans that drive results. It’s really important to understand the dynamics and changes in the business market that lead to an increased focus on the conscious management of customer relationships and Account Management.


Our superior account management service becomes a driving force within the B2B sales unit. Moreover, our refined electronic system allows you to monitor the performance and other business goals with less effort. Team work is always needed to run a large scale business, hence we let you monitor and evaluate the problems ares.


Our user friendly software guide helps you build a strong persona of your company whether you are running a financial institute, an IT firm, and education institute or running a large scale business. We know the professional needs of our reputed clients and provide special software to make a smooth business setup. Moreover, we help them improve the existing online presence of their company through our most advance strategies and effective quality measures.


We know the value of your time and hard earned money and provide simple and economical management for all your Business needs.