About Us

About Us

At HiCon, we do not just create smart digital solutions for our clients, we create memories too. These memories are to last for a lifetime, and because we have been around for more than 12 years now, it is only right that we let you know more about us and take a look into Team HiCon’s life.

HiCon History

We were just another startup back in 2002; an agency that barely had a corporate office and a team of five people that stepped in and redefined the way people use the internet. With clear supervision from our main driving force, the CEO Mr. Ahmad Faraz Malik and clever strategy from the founding directors Mr. Tariq and Mr. Bilal, HiCon did not take long to score some of the biggest projects in the market.

We had limited space, but our imagination and creativity never stopped growing. That small office has since then grown to become one of the largest corporate offices in any digital studio’s possession in Islamabad. Our history is an exemplification of how determination, will and hard work can get you to places you never imagined you would reach one day.

HiCon Team

We might have started small but have always believed in dreaming big. Our humble beginnings have given us the sense of how to utilize your success and prolong it in the long run. This is why HiCon International is one of the most successful teams in all of Islamabad.

Our team consists of more than _________ talented minds, and each of them work together to bring forward intuitive solutions to the table. Our team works together and gets things done on time, no matter how challenging the task might be. After all, the bigger the challenge, the greater the chance to grow!

Our Creativity

We are not really like the cliché. We don’t really take things the way all other web agencies around Pakistan do. Here at HiCon, creativity is the dominant force and our will to work is what keeps us buzzing about in our lab. Our experts take every step to ensure that creativity is always present whenever we work.

This is why we even have the best tea on demand as well as an aquarium to look at whenever work seems to brush us off. This creativity is then refilled and we get back to the table and start working like Team HiCon again.

When it’s time to work, we don’t bear excuses and don’t let our work get compromised in any possible way. Our premises even have a pin-drop silence policy, especially in the content generation department. You won’t find our team killing time; we really believe that time is money while at work.

Our Vision

HiCon International has the vision to come forward with only the best solutions for the mobile and web. Be it development, design, marketing or deployment, with our expert assistance, your online presence won’t ever be the usual. We envision usual as boring and therefore, work tirelessly to get things made the different way.

If your online presence is not as well structured as it should be, we have always got you covered. All you need to make is a phone call and our experts are available to suggest you the best solutions for your online identity.

We also envision becoming Pakistan’s largest web design + development agency one day. With a clear aim in mind and a dedicated taskforce in place, this mission of ours is set to be achieved soon. We have also expanded our services to the US, and look forward to opening our corporate office there soon.

Technologies We Use

Whether you are talking smartphone applications, eCommerce stores, websites, blogs or other software, HiCon International has vast experience in each of these verticals. Also, we are knowledgeable with the latest content management systems, coding tools, development and designing apps, Intranets and Extranets.

If you want a customized online presence and solutions that stand out from the crowd, we are always the right people to talk business with. Please take the time to go through our portfolio and see some of our many success stories that can better help you understand why HiCon International is the best option you’ve got.