A Reliable Web Hosting Comapny in Pakistan

In this competitive world a business cannot exist without having a proper website that serves as showcase of its products and services to the outside world. Just like the walk-in customer makes the first impression of the company by having an interaction with the customer services staff same way a web visitor who lands on your website will be able to make first hand impression of your company by the quality of your website. Your company’s website is your introduction to the world and we at HiCon Intl provide our customers best Hosting Service in Pakistan.

Why web hosting with us

Well there are hundreds of thousands of hosting companies operating worldwide, small ones, large ones with never ending list of services being offered by them such as large size mail boxes, decent web spaces and scores of extra services like shopping carts, auto responders, MYSQL etc. Yet many of them miserably fail when it comes to keeping the website running day in and day out 24/7 basis. This is the litmus test of best hosting company. We measure up to this criteria as our powerful hosting servers allow us to provide continuity of our services on non-stop basis to our customers with minimal of down times as our back-up servers are ready to take the load. This is why our customers refer us as best Hosting Company Pakistan.

Security & Safety of Data

You website may contain very sensitive data about your products and services, your customers transactions and their personal particulars that if not properly secured with fire walls and latest anti-virus software may by easily hacked, corrupted or compromised causing irreparable damage to your company reputation. Our hosting servers are equipped with latest software and state-of-the art data security plans. Data is also backed up as additional security. This makes us Best Hosting Pakistan.

Technical Support

When we introduce ourselves as best Web Host Pakistan, we back it up with our state-of-the art technical support. Unlike many other companies you will never mind our helplines continuously ringing or terribly busy. We make sure all landing calls are readily answered and out professional team of technical experts are available to answer the queries of our valued customers.

Our professional experts have years of experience on all operating systems and can easily solve the glitches. Those of our customers who have been able to test our technical excellence call us as best Linux Hosting.

Our Refund Policy

Most of the hosting companies that lure the customers with attractive web spaces and score of other services fall miserably below the line when it comes to refunding the due amount should a customer decides to walk away because of not being satisfied by their services. Particularly you need to extra care while going for the hosting companies offering very cheap rates with bundles of services. We offer very generous refund polices to our customers as we have confidence in the quality of our services being best Widow Hosting.

Best Domain Services

Domain is basically a set of network addresses. It is organized in layers the top layer identifies the general purpose or geographic resemblance such as Supply Chain, Oil & Gas etc. The second layer may define a unique address known as IP Address. Doman is basically the name with which hosting servers remember the name of particular file / record [website] on them. We as Cheap Web Hosting Pakistan provide range of domain services to our customers.

Proper domain names are very important. If your customers are not able to remember your domain name they are less likely to come back to your website. While choosing for best domain names following factors should be considered:

  • It should be small and easy to remember
  • It should sink with your product or service
  • It should be unique but familiar

We as best Web Hosting Company Pakistan always believe in providing best advice to our customers and recommend them to get their domain names registration separately as many web hosts companies who offer to register domain names usually are not able to provide competitive rates.

Web Host Pakistan has taken many steps to provide quality customer care services our 24/7 help lines provide valuable information to customers at their convenience.

Our most competitive rates make us popular with our customers as best Hosting Service in Pakistan. Large numbers of our customers finding our rates within their budget ranges also remember us as Cheap Web Hosting Pakistan.

We believe in following transparent business practices and our invoices do not include any hidden charges as we are Best Hosting Pakistan.

When it comes to backing it up with the latest hosting servers we offer to our customers access to our servers that run on sound operating systems making as best Linux Hosting.

Overall quality of our services and our ability to understand our customers specific requirements and being able to provide them best workable solutions make us popular as best Window Hosting